My Story

JuliaIn 2004, my family and I decided that we needed to make healthier changes to our lifestyles. The growing health and wellness trend meant that more and more people were becoming aware of making healthier choices, particularly in relation to food. And so our mission began! We began investigating what our options were in terms of healthy, nutritional meals, suitable for the whole family.

The objective of our mission was simple – to find a product that was simple and convenient, and easy to slot into our busy lives. Some sort of a nutritional shake seemed like a good start as a way to make sure that we started our day off right, getting all the nutrients we need. But this was more easily said than done. Finding a health shake or a balanced meal replacement with a wide selection of flavours, no after taste, and one with the right balance for my husband and I, and the family, proved to be rather challenging. After some research, trial and error, I was introduced to the Herbalife® Breakfast and it was a game changer for us.

As a mom, the Herbalife® Breakfast met all my criteria – and then some! I discovered that the Herbalife® Healthy Breakfast bundle was a great start to the day –for everyone in the family. It’s quick and easy to whip up for the kids, hubby and I before running out the door, and it is a great substitute for the high-sugar, low-nutrient,‘simple’ carbohydrate breakfasts we used to eat (or perhaps no breakfast at all), which gave us a temporary boost, and then left us in a slump due to the lack of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, all of which are vital for balanced energy for the day ahead.

The Herbalife® Breakfast was only the beginning of my healthy living journey. Once we had the fundamentals in place, planning and choosing colourful, nutrient-rich, balanced meals became not only easier, but enjoyable. I began to look forward to preparing meals for my family, knowing that I was giving them the right fuel for healthy minds and bodies.

After experiencing such a positive change in my own life, I knew that I needed to share the opportunity of a Healthy Breakfast with friends, family and really anyone I came across looking to get into shape, boost their energy levels, or simply find out more about healthy meals and snacks. The response was wonderful.. I am now able to work from home, helping friends and families around me – share the good news on Healthier options.

Being a Herbalife® member and wellness coach has been truly rewarding. In fact, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals has inspired me and kept me motivated along my own healthy living journey. My experiences with the Herbalife® brand have taught me that no matter what your fitness or health goals are, whether it’s reaching your personal best in shape, energy or activity or simply striving to eat a more balanced, nutrient-filled meal. Whatever your Health goal, we are there to educate, coach and support you.

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